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Alpacas are quite possibly the most adorable animals ever known to man.

We are so excited to share with you our passion and love for Alpacas. You’ve read our story, now look through our gallery and learn more about our family of Alpacas.

They really are the most adorable animals and we can’t get enough of them. But the best way to get to know our family of Alpacas is to come and meet them for yourself.


We really enjoyed our trekking day with the family. The kids just didn’t want to leave, it really is a smashing day out. Thank you and we’ll be back.

Kellie Relf
Special day out

Our Story & Who We Are

We are Jean and Stuart and we would like to tell you how this Alpaca journey started. We visited the Border Union Show at Kelso in 2011 for a day out and to enjoy the events associated with an agricultural show. We came across the Alpaca tent, we had never been up close to Alpacas before, never mind having seen them being shown and we sat and watched for an hour or so and found it quite fascinating. We managed to speak to a breeder who was promoting their herd and asked if we could visit their farm the following weekend.  So off to Northumberland we went with the thought it would be nice just to meet the Alpacas. However the inevitable happened and we bought four pet boy Alapcas and the rest as they say is history.

How We Became Hooked

We were fortunate to have our own land in the beautiful Tweed Valley near the town of Innerleithen. We already had horses so a few more four legged friends seemed a good idea just to keep the grass down. Neither of us at that time expected to become so obsessed by these enchanting endearing animals but that is what has happened and I can make no excuse for it.
After having the four boys for six months and getting used to the husbandry involved Jean started to look for and found another three pet boys to purchase, but as they were still young and not yet weaned from their mothers we had to wait a few months before we took ownership, but they arrived in the of spring 2013 and soon settled in. Then our next step was to purchase some females and they arrived in June 2013.

The Future

At present we have 12 Alpacas with one cria (baby) due in June 2014 and the new girl from New Zealand arriving later this year. Our intentions for the future are to breed top quality, friendly Alpacas and to show them at the Alpaca events to promote our herd. We’ve started our Alpaca trekking – taking people out walking around the Tweed Valley. The Alpacas enjoy being taken out for walks; they enjoy human company and walk at a leisurely pace. The scenery is beautiful with lovely views of the Tweed Valley. We also utilise the beautiful fleeces and use the processed wool to make lovely soft and warm garments.

How It Changed Our Lives

Even although we only have 12 Alpacas it still takes a lot of time looking after them and preparing for shows etc. So Jean has decided to leave her full time job in the NHS to look after and run our Alpaca business full time.


We are currently in talks with local organisations for adults and children with learning difficulties. During the time spent with our Alpacas we have witnessed the gentle curiosity they show towards adults and young children.

If you are a charitable organisation and would like to know more about Velvet Hall and our Alpacas, please do contact us via our contact page or simply give us a ring.