1st Cria of the Year

After a very successful start to the show season, with first’s, reserve champions and champions at various shows, it was time to prepare for birthing season.

We have 4 pregnant females due this summer, with our first not due until 29th June. So we started our usual checks just to see if anyone was showing signs, and as usual, absolutely nothing.  Then I noticed the girls acting as if there was something in their paddock, but we have a lot of pheasants and oyster catchers in the paddocks, so I came to the conclusion that’s what it must be.  I took a walk over just to check, and there it was, not a pheasant but a lovely rose grey cria, sitting up taking it all in.  I shouted “Jeannie get the birthing box”, then I thought it’s a bit late for that.  So we got her dried off, iodine on her umbilical, wee coat on her.  But in all the excitement, I thought “who’s the mum”….. and there she was , the very proud Pearly Popstar.

DSC_0026Last year we had some difficult births, with the vet being called on 3 occasions.  The vet told us, you cannot have too much lub, so this year he bought enough that it could have been used as ballast on a super tanker.  But Pearly had no problems this year.

DSC_0141Here is proud Pearly and introducing…………..Velvet Hall Corryvreckan

DSC_0156 Wee Corry

DSC_0152How cute am I….