Atom & Americano

Now that we have been alpaca trekking for a couple of years, we felt it was time to get a couple of Suri’s to join the trekking team.  All our boys are Huacaya and we felt when explaining to trekkers the difference that it would be good to let people see the 2 types of alpaca.  The Huacaya are like the teddy-bear looking alpacas, and the Suri’s form locks that hang down a bit like dreadlocks.

So we were really lucky when 2 nine month old boys became available, and thanks to Neil at West Weight Alpacas for allowing us to purchase them.

Introducing:Atom, a really friendly little boy, loves his food and whenever someone comes into his field, he comes across just on the off chance you have something to eat.  A real character.

Americano, is a little bit quieter than Atom, but loves his carrots.  Her he is beside his new friend Cuillin, and I hope you can see the difference between the 2 types.

Here is Americano and Atom with their new pal Rocky.  Cuillin obviously didn’t want to be in this picture.

We hope that these 4 youngsters will start trekking sometime in the late spring.