Caol Ila

Well young Caol Ila is 3 weeks old here, and anyone with young kids know what it’s like at dinner time trying to get them to eat the right (or any) food.  But I was a little surprised when I put the girls evening food out, and Caol Ila decided it was time to play.

Caol Ila: Hey mum look what I can do, I can dance?IMG_20140706_181739

Iolani: Will you get your feet out of my dinner!!!!IMG_20140706_181734

Caol Ila: Auntie Karishma, look at me!!!IMG_20140706_181907

Caol Ila: No-one seems to be interested in my dinner dancing.IMG_20140706_182015

Well that’s kids for you.  Her behavior aside, she is growing steadily and now weighs in at 17.5kg’s so lets hope she continues the weight gain.

She is a very independent girl and not tied to her mums apron strings, so I’ll keep you all posted on her progress.