Edinburgh Wedding Exhibition

We decided to take Rory and Pearson (our 2 stars) to the Edinburgh Wedding Exhibition held at Murrayfield Stadium.  We wanted to test the interest in having alpacas at weddings, and so we put a little stand together and put the 2 boys in a pen at the front door.  Needless to say the boys were the star attraction, with lots of ooh’s, aah’s and selfies.  You know you’ve made an impression when the security guard’s instruction to all the visitors was “follow the road around the stadium until you come to the alpacas”.  In fact on two occasions when he was meant to be working he came around and took Rory out for a walk.  I think we made his weekend.

We could not have been positioned in a better location, right in the foyer at the main entrance.  The first day was not as busy as we would have expected, but the snow had an impact on the Saturday numbers.  Sunday was really busy, and we were kept on the go for the entire day.  We took lots of enquiries and looks like we will have a very busy summer.  One groom to be was so keen to have a couple of alpacas as ring bearers at his wedding, he turned to his fiancee and said, “I want alpacas at our wedding, so you’ll have to reduce the budget on your wedding dress”. I thought to myself, he’s either very brave, or very foolish.


Here’s our small stand at the exhibition, and will definitely be back next year.