National Show 2016

We set off to the National Show at the Telford International Centre on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th March.  We took a small show team of 4 girls, 3 junior girls Hejira, Iqaluit and Mischief Maker, and 1 intermediate girl Sula Bheinn.

We did not have very high expectations as the competition was very strong, and we would have been very happy with a rosette of any colour.

Mischief was first into the ring and although she is a very light rose grey, the judge felt she was more fawn than grey, so she changed class.

Sula Bheinn was next in the ring and she did really well getting a 2nd in her class, as a junior she got a 3rd so we were delighted with a 2nd.

DSC_0022riThanks to Paul Hetherington from Beck Brow Alpacas for taking Sula Bheinn into the ring for us and getting a 2nd.

DSC_0025The judges having a really good look at her fleece.

Next into the ring was Velvet Hall Iqaluit.  She was in the junior light fawn class and was up against some really big breeders, and to our amazement she achieved a 3rd in what was a really top quality class, well done Iqaluit.

DSC_0080Velvet Hall Iqaluit getting a 3rd

Finally, into the ring went Velvet Hall Hejira who is out of Pearly Popstar, and she walked in as if  she owned the place.  She was in the 2nd junior light fawn class, and she was placed 1st.  We were really delighted with that result as it so unexpected.

DSC_0099Velvet Hall Hejira getting her red rosette

DSC_0101We would have settled for the red rosette, but she was now in the championship, up against the 1st place intermediate and adult winners.

DSC_0114You could have knocked me down with a feather, Velvet Hall Hejira being awarded Champion Light Female.

DSC_0147Here is the 2 Scottish breeders in the Supreme Champion line up.  Well done to Bobcat Alpacas and Velvet Hall Alpacas.