Scottish Alpaca Championships

The new year has hardly begun, and the alpaca work load has hit us like a steam train (without the leaves on the line).  As part of the Scottish Alpaca Group Championship Show committee, we have a lot of work to get through before the show on the 23rd of April 2016, to be held at Lanark Auction Mart.  Of course there’s the daily alpaca tasks carried out in ankle deep mud, just love it, well poor Jean has that pleasure.

We have a show team of 4 this year, but I’ve had to contact Nicky Clarke and Vidal Sassoon to get tips on how to remove caked mud, twigs, leaves and other paddock materials from a fleece.  We are allowed to show alpacas in paddock conditions, but I just hope we can clean the girls up for the show.

Champion-NunaHere’s Nunavut, our grey champion female from a couple of years ago, and this is how a clean alpaca should look.

IMG_20150111_104739And this (believe it or not) is a white alpaca, so got our work cut out getting the girls to look like Nuna.  Not sure Clarke or Sassoon will have the expertise to get this fleece looking top notch.

Public entry to the Scottish Alpaca Show is free so if you are looking for something to do on Saturday 23rd April, please come along and meet some of the best alpacas from the North of England and Scotland.