Yellowcraigs Alpaca Beach Trek 2017

As some of you will undoubtedly know, we had a great alpaca beach trek this year at Yellowcraigs Beach near North Berwick.  Some experienced trekkers as well as some new trekkers came along and took the boys a walk along the beach.  We were really fortunate that the weather held and everybody had a great day, and some got their feet a little wet.

Over the past few months we have been getting enquiries about future beach treks, and people asking if they can put their names onto a waiting list.  So we decided to write a short blog about our 2017 beach treks.

So, due to the success of the last beach trek, and the enthusiasm to have more, we will be holding at least 2 weekend beach treks in 2017.  There will be a morning and afternoon trek on the Saturday, and a morning trek on the Sunday.  We may hold more than 2, it just depends on the weather and the interest generated.  There will be an age limit of 8 years old for walking an alpaca; however younger children are more than welcome to come along on the trek.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page where you can place a note of interest and we will confirm the trekking dates nearer the time.  

If you have any questions about the beach treks please get in touch via our web page.