Be An Alpaca Trekker For The Day


Absolutely loved my recent trekking adventure with the Velvet Hall Alpacas. Would definitely do it again, thank you.
Justin MacDonald
Reading, Berkshire

Alpaca Trekking in the Scottish Borders, UK

At last, an opportunity to walk with an Alpaca in the beautiful Tweed Valley countryside. We offer any trekking experience to meet all your requirements. Our Alpacas are adorable and love going out trekking. They amble along taking it all in their stride with a playful, inquisitive nature; we know that children and adults of all ages will fall in love with them as we have.

For a truly memorable experience, you can soak up the scenic splendour of the Scottish Borders, leading your very own Alpaca with a guide for company. We will take you through the forests and up on to the hill tops where you will have a panoramic view of the Tweed Valley.

Our treks start mid-morning or early afternoon, so pick a time that suits you best and pre-book. First we introduce you to your Alpaca and then we talk you through how to connect with them, it’s that easy. Once you’re happy, we set off on our trek and that means it’s time for you to take the lead and have fun along the way learning about these unique adorable animals. Remember to wear sensible walking shoes and by the end of the trek, be prepared to have gained one new four-legged friend.

Please refer to our Trekking Calender for availability of Morning Trek or Afternoon Treks before coming to visit. You may book online using our Booking System, Here:

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